The honesty of children

My friend’s daughter is a very feisty personality, who always calls a spade a spade, while adding several descriptive words which will be considered very bad in civilized society. Growing up in a rough and tumble town dominated by steel-mill workers did not help much either.

That being said, as she got older she did mellow out a bit, but one thing that she just could not get over was inconsiderate and bad drivers. She most probably used the widest range of descriptive swear words that I have ever encountered to describe such bad drivers. Any sailor, who needed lessons in descriptive swearing, would have paid good money to learn from her.

Eventually she found a man who could live with her personality, most probably by simply ignoring it and concentrating on her nice boobs and other impressive physical features. In time they produced a very sweet daughter as well. If I did not know it was her daughter, I would not have believed she could be the mother, as that child was sweetly natured.

However, even angelic children listen and learn. During a drive to drop the child of at the day-care center, they encountered several absolutely mad drivers who severely pissed my friend’s daughter of severely. For some reason she suddenly realized that she had this 2 year old child in the car and that swearing and cursing might not be a good idea……thus silence followed after she had to brake sharply for a dim-witted minibus taxi driver.

That silence was followed by only one word from the child on the back seat:


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