The orgasmic near accident

Many years ago, myself and four co-workers had to attend a training session in Johannesburg, South Africa. This meant we had to do a 250km road-trip from the area where we worked. For us country bumpkins, visiting a big city was seen as a big adventure, paid for by the company we worked for.

On the Monday morning that the training was scheduled, we left for Johannesburg very early. The car of choice was the 1990 BMW of the most senior person in our group. The drive, through mostly countryside, was very pleasant and the mood was upbeat in the car. Apart from many dead insects on the windscreen, it appeared the trip was going to be uneventful. Even the coffee we bought from some obscure shop as a fuel station did not taste too bad.

Skyline of Johannesburg

Photographer: Sarel Botha

As we reached Johannesburg, the driver tuned the car’s radio to the most popular local radio station. This station regularly reported on road conditions and traffic jams. We just hoped not to get stuck in such a thing, or at least get early warning in order to then execute a timely bypass.

On that morning the host invited people to phone in d share what good experiences they would love to have. Just as we were turning on to one of the busiest freeways in Johannesburg, a 23 year old girl phoned in and shouted:

“I want to fake an orgasm on the radio”

Our driver, being a good old country boy and churchgoing man, almost managed to roll the car upon hearing this news being presented on public radio. The rest of us where so flabbergasted that at first we did not even realize that we were in mortal danger. Eventually we just burst out in laughter, which cause the driver to get severely pissed off, as he thought we were laughing at him.

Sadly, he did not partake in our city adventures that took place after each days training.

We did hear later that he had some paid company come by the hotel to ensure that loneliness did not become too big a problem for him.

…..go figure that, churchman and all…..

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