South African minibus taxi-driver traits

In South Africa people are generally considerate road-users. That however does not include the most minibus taxi drivers, who to this day are just a scourge on South African roads.

To become such a taxi-driver, I believe the following traits and characteristics are needed in person:

They must have absolutely no people’s skills.

They must be willing to get a driver license by whatever means necessary, bribery included.

The trait of empathy is a strict no-no, as they should not care if people die in their taxi.

They must have absolutely no regard for the safety of other road-users.

The ability to read is not needed, as they will ignore all speed limits anyway.

They must be willing to demand sex as payment for services rendered.

They must preferably be deaf, as they should not slow down when passengers scream in fear.

They must be able to ignore all obvious defects on the taxi.

They should be willing to kill a traffic policeman, rather than pay a bribe.

Being colour-blind is acceptable, as they will ignore traffic lights anyway.

They should not be afraid of driving at top speed during peak traffic.

They must have the ability to coax 26 to 30 people into a 16 seat taxi.

As I have never seen a white mini-bus taxi driver, I believe being white is a no-no for the job.

I am sure there are more traits they must have, none of which a normal man would consider civilized. However, I hope that after reading this you will understand why I hate minibus taxis and what the drivers do daily.

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