BJ’s while driving in rainstorms

Many years ago, I worked on a goldmine in in the Freestate province of South Africa. The mine was in rural area with the closest big city being 230 km’s away.

During a project we did, the contractors who worked with us did not have a lot of entertainment options, so on weekends many would travel to Bloemfontein for R&R. Bloemfontein is the capital of the province.  I heard that these R&R visits never included watching movies, attending picnics or visiting museums.

On one particular Monday morning, the lead contract engineer did not arrive for work until around 11H00 the morning. I could see that he had a very rough night behind him, even rougher than what would be normal for him.  On most Mondays I would hear all the horrors stories of the weekend activities without asking many questions, but on that morning he was dead silent. After a few cups of strong coffee and some prodding, I again asked him what happened that got him into his current state and why he arrived late?

His answer:

“Last night I left Bloemfontein at around 23H00. It was raining like hell and I had to drive very carefully.”

Then he added a question:

“Have you ever had a BJ, while driving late at night in a heavy rainstorm?”

My answer:   “………………………………”

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