Drinking beer over the Sahara desert

On a flight from Paris in France, to Bamako in Mali, the following happened:

I was traveling with a fellow engineer and friend for work on a power-station project in Mali. Due to an attempted military coup in Ivory-coast, we were force to fly via France. Mali has a big islamic population and on the flight most people were muslim men, returning home to Mali.

As we passed somewhere over the Sahara desert my fellow engineer mentioned that he felt the need for an ice-cold beer. I noticed that the hostesses offered no alcoholic beverages on the flight. I figured this was due to the many muslims on the flight, who’s outdated believes, forces them to miss out on the pleasure of a cold beer. Add that to no eating of pork and it becomes clear why muslims become terrorists more often then those who do enjoy pork. However, I was sure that the air hostesses would gladly supply a beer to my friend if he asked, so I told him to ask.

He got up, went to the toilet, and then proceeded down the aisle to the back of the aircraft, where the the kitchen area was. I was half asleep at that time, but I suddenly heard the cracking open of a can and then a strong beer pong(smell) hit my nostrils. My friend duly got the beer he craved and as he arrived next to our seats, proceeded to open the can while still in the aisle. Due to flight turbulence, the beer must have been shaken a lot. As he opened it, an explosion of smelly beer-foam followed.

The foam landed on me and on every single muslim within 10meters of him. I could see the hatred and rage in their eyes, but not one of them moved or said anything. This must have been as my friend was a 260 pound man of solid muscle and they did not want to risk injury.

I imagine there was going to be some serious explanations needed in those muslim families after our arrival in Mali. I am not sure what part of the body gets chopped of for drink beer, but I imagine the tongue and right hand would make sense.

Meanwhile the big guy just turned around and walked back to the kitchen area with these words:

“Well that was bloody unsuccessful. Let me go and get another one”

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