My Journey on BLOG-air Begins

Over the years I have blogged on and off, mostly halfheartedly and just when I felt like it. Needless to say, I never accumulated many followers, not that it was a problem for me. My biggest challenge was to find a subject to blog on, something that I would enjoy blogging about and finally, I think I found it.

As I love travel and all the things around it, I decided to write about my own experiences, those of others, lies on it I have heard, tall tales, jokes etc. This blog will always have a humorous approach to it….life is sour enough, so why add more vinegar?

In the words of a young girl who was traveling by air for the first time:

Captain, I enjoyed the flight, but please do not F-UP the landing.

Let my own flight on BLOG-air begin. Feel free to join, comment and help me where I do things wrong or offend.

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